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Town of Lempster, New Hampshire

Policy, Forms & Fees
updated 3/30/21

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Master Plan (2.4 MB .pdf) Planning Board and Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission, 2007
Excavation Regulations Planning Board, 2006
Cemetery Regulations Cemetery Trustees, 2016 rev.
Winter Road Maintenance Policy Selectmen, 2000, 2005 rev.
Beach Ordinance Town Meeting, 2004
Dog Control Ordinance Town Meeting, 1997
Highway Access Ordinance Planning Board, 1981
Parking Ordinance Selectmen, 2007
Pole Resolution Selectmen, 2014
Snow Removal/Plowing Ordinance Selectmen, 1996
Street Ordinance Town Meeting, 2004
Timber Policy Selectmen, 1988
Transfer Station Ordinance Selectmen, 1990
Weight Limits Ordinance Selectmen, 2004


Building Permit application Selectmen, 2019
Driveway Permit application
Planning Board, 2019 rev.
Per RSA 236:13, private driveway connections, including structures such as culverts, are and remain the responsibility of the landowner.
Credits and Exemptions NH PA-29 (Veteran, Elderly, Blind only)
Current Use Assessment NH A-10
Intent to Cut NH PA-7
Intent to Excavate NH PA-38
Vital Records request NH VR201




Dog License: Spayed or Neutered - $6.50
Not Spayed or Neutered - $9.00
3-7 months - $6.50
Senior Citizen Dog License - $2.00 (First Dog)
Kennel License (5 plus dogs) - $20.00

Marriage License: $45.00 (Town - $8.00; State - $37.00)

Notary Fee: $5.00

Search of any Vital Record: $15.00

Certified Copy of any Vital Record: $15.00 first copy; $10.00 each additional copy

Returned Check Fee: $25.00

Transfer Station Decal/Beach Permit: $10.00 (2 per household)



Research assistance and developing reports will be charged at the rate of $7.50/15 minute increments

Returned check fee: $25.00

Copies: $.50 per page
$.25 per page for seniors (65 and older)

Fax: $2.00 up to three pages, $.50 per page beyond three

Notary Fee: $5.00 per document


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