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Lempster’s Meetinghouse is a special and irreplaceable connection to our community’s past. And beyond our town, it is also one of a diminishing number of tangible connections to New Hampshire, New England, and America’s history. This building is real – it is equally our community’s inheritance and our gift to the future – and it needs your continuing support.


The Friends of the Lempster Meetinghouse (FLMH) – a non-profit, 501(c)(3) group whose mission is to conserve, restore, and rehabilitate the Lempster Meetinghouse – formed in 2006 and received a $75,000 New Hampshire Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP) grant for emergency stabilization of the Meetinghouse – "Phase One", completed summer 2009, replaced the building's sinking dry stone foundation, strengthening and stabilizing the first floor and structure, and set the stage for future work.

"Phase Two" – completed in 2012 – focused on usability, and included a well, septic, renovated heating system, and an INDOOR RESTROOM (!).

Visionary Project: A special restoration project, initiated parallel to Phase Two, involves restoring the Meetinghouse's 45 double-hung windows. Your donation of $1,000 to this project – augmented nearly 50% by FLMH and other matching funds including LCHIP – allows the ongoing professional restoration of these truly "limited-edition" windows! Donor plaques have been mounted below many of the 31 windows already restored.

Help shine a light! Continuing restoration requires your continuing support!

"Phase Three" – In addition to continuing the renovations of the remaining windows, FLMH has immediate plans for repairing the double doors on the south side of the building; adding permanent stairs to the main tower entrance; making the first floor of the building handicap accessible; and doing structural repairs to the tower framing and cupola. The State of New Hampshire has decided this year to fully fund LCHIP, so FLMH is again applying for a third grant. Should we be successful, the grant will help fund a significant part of the cost of these upgrades and repairs.

Your tax-deductable financial contribution helps make a full restoration possible. All gifts directly support work on the Meetinghouse. Please support this important community project!

Please mail contributions – made out to 'FLMH' – or 'Friends of the Lempster Meetinghouse' – to:

Post Office Box 34
Lempster, NH 03605

You may also download, print, and use the PDF fundraiser flyer linked below.

Please direct any questions to Bill Rodeschin at (603) 863-4720, or Laura Pinkney at (603) 863-8180

Previous FLMH mailings:

2010 Fundraising card (1.4 MB pdf)


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