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News, links, and photo albums related to the history, significance, and ongoing restoration work on our 1794 Lempster Meetinghouse...

The photo albums are a work-in-progess too - and new images keep coming. Send yours!

Three MeetingHouse "slide shows" (at photobucket.com):

Our MeetingHouse in Time (146)
A New Foundation! (141)
A (shorter) MeetingHouse Story! (25)

Meetinghouse: historic – gets new roof, paint, ramp, stairs, and stone facia!

a space for faith
Our meetinghouse is included in the works, A Space For Faith, and Colonial Meetinghouses of New England - A Project by Large-Format Photographer PAUL WAINWRIGHT (~middle of page), and here

sacred and secular cover
Our meetinghouse is featured in the book, Sacred and Secular, Meetinghouses and Churches of the Monadnock Region, 1750-1850, and Historical Society of Cheshire County publications

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