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"The Friends of the Lempster Meetinghouse (FLMH) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) group whose mission is to conserve, restore, and rehabilitate the Lempster Meetinghouse."

Formed in 2006, FLMH received a $75,000 New Hampshire Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP) grant for emergency stabilization of the Meetinghouse - FLMH's 'Phase One'. This generous grant required full in-kind and monetary ‘matching funds’.

FLMH sees the need to tackle the challenges of preserving this building head-on. The use of an architectural firm and contractors with expertise in historic restoration are essential.

The LCHIP grant match for Phase One was met and Phase One was completed in 2009. FLMH seeks to complete the building’s critical restoration. Phase Two will improve the building's usablility by adding toilet facilities, a well, septic, modern electrical and fire protection, and handicap accessibility.

"The FLMH [Friends of the Lempster Meeting House] are a dedicated group of volunteers who have thoughtfully approached the rehabiltation of one of the community's most visible and treasured historic buildings. While it is tempting to jump into such a project to fix or mend visible problems, the approach of the FLMH to hire and consult professionals who will assist in formulating a long-range preservation plan for the building is ultimately what is best for the building. Proper planning and a systematic and well thought-out approach to the stabilization and future use of the building will result in a building that will serve the community at its optimal capacity for future generations. "
- Amy Dixon, LCHIP [New Hampshire's Land & Community Heritage Investment Program, http://www.lchip.org/]

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