Lempster Winter Road Maintenance Policy

Approved February 16, 2000

Scheduled Review September 2002

Reviewed January 2005

Objective: Given that Lempster has unique road and winter weather conditions, and that no amount of plowing, sand, salt, or public expenditure is a substitute for responsible motorists’ good winter driving sense and equipment, it is the intent and responsibility of the Town of Lempster to provide timely and cost-effective winter road maintenance for the safety and benefit of the Town's residents and the general motoring public.

Procedure: The objective will be achieved by implementing the Lempster Winter Road Maintenance Procedures, below. Due to the many variables that are inherent to New England and indeed Lempster, each storm and/or weather event may require a different emphasis or strategy.

Level of Service:. While the Town endeavors to provide safe, practical access to homes, businesses and municipal facilities during winter storms, it is not possible to maintain roads completely snow and ice-free during a storm.

The Department usually begins snow removal operations upon snow accumulations of two to four inches. The Road Agent may, at his discretion based upon weather reports, initiate removal at a greater or lesser accumulation. Pre-treatment and ice control may occur prior, during, and following the storm. Road salt has a declining effect on melting snow and ice as road surface temperatures drop below 25 degrees, therefore it might not be applied until warmer temperatures are expected.

Command: Direction of all winter maintenance activities for the Town of Lempster is vested with the Road Agent or his designee.

Execution: The policy above is intended to outline normal procedure for winter maintenance for the Town of Lempster. However, one or more of the following factors may delay or prevent the implementation of this policy:

No parking is allowed in an established plow truck turnaround or public right-of-way. No plowing, pushing, shoveling or blowing of snow into the public right-of-way is allowed.

Adoption: All residents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the content, as it describes conditions one might expect to encounter before, during, and following a winter storm.

February 2000: Mary E. Grenier, Chairman Harrison E. Stover, Frederic W. Bard

January 2005: Doris Adler, Chairman Harold Whiting Keith Fulton

Board of Selectmen, Town of Lempster

Town of Lempster Winter Road Maintenance Procedures (updated 2005)

Equipment: The Highway Department utilizes all of its assets as needed to address snow emergencies. A list of the current rolling stock is included in the appendix.

Manpower: The Department has three full-time personnel assigned to its winter maintenance operations.

Materials: The Department purchases and uses between 200-400 tons of rock salt and from 4,000-6,000 cubic yards of sand each winter. The sand is stockpiled at the Highway shop and is applied to gravel and paved roads to improve traction. Salt is delivered to the shop throughout the season and is used as a de-icing and anti-icing agent on paved roads. Depending on weather factors and surface conditions, sand, salt, or a sand-salt mixture may be applied.

Plow Route Priorities: With approximately 40 miles of roads on which to manage snow and ice and three plow trucks to handle this responsibility, the Department seeks to maximize its maintenance effectiveness by assigning the following service priorities:

1.      School bus routes will be given the first priority during school days.

2.      Paved roads before gravel, and through-roads before dead-end ones.

3.      Public areas at the Town Offices and Transfer Station.

Each circulation of the plow routes may take from three to six or more hours to complete depending on the storm and available resources. Some roads are inevitably the first or last plowed.

Roads Not Receiving Winter Maintenance: The Town of Lempster does not maintain a number of roadways as part of its ongoing winter maintenance activities. The areas not maintained include:

a.       Town roads classified as Class VI (six) roads.

b.      Sections of Mill Road, Dodge Hollow Road and South Road are summer maintenance only.

c.       School district sidewalks, driveways and parking areas, which are the responsibility of the school district.

d.       Lempster Fire House snow removal, which is the responsibility of the Fire Department as of 1/1/05. The Highway Department provides sanding.

Damage to Private Property: The Town of Lempster is not responsible for damage to private property placed within the public right-of-way (RSA 236:15). The right-of-way (ROW) is often 50' wide, and is sometimes thought by property owners to be part of their property. In many cases the ROW extends 10 to 20 feet of either side of the road surface. Homeowners often extend their lawn, plant hedges, place mailboxes, erect fences or stone walls in these areas, only to find these may impede winter maintenance.

In the event of personal property damage, the Town of Lempster is responsible only to repair or replace damaged property having been in actual contact with the snow removal equipment that is on private property and not within the public right-of-way.

The Town of Lempster is not responsible for damages incurred by the throwing of grit and stones, etc. from sanders that could result in damage to private vehicles within the Town’s right-of-way.

Post-Storm Operations: As determined by the Road Agent, snow banks resulting from the previous accumulations may be pushed back, or ‘shelved’, using the plow and wing of the trucks or other suitable equipment to make space for future snow storms.

If pedestrians or vehicles cause obstructions to the snow removal operations, the Town's winter maintenance operators are encouraged to request cooperation. Otherwise, the operator is expected to call the Police for assistance. The operator is cautioned to avoid confrontation at all possible costs. Any vehicle found abandoned in the Town’s right-of-way may be towed away at the expense of the owner.


Rolling Stock:

Truck # 1 -2004 International 4x4, plow, wing, and sander

Truck # 2 -1994 International 4x4, plow, wing, and sander

Truck # 3 -2000 Mack 10-wheeler, plow, wing, and sander

1985 Chevrolet 4x4 army surplus 6.2l diesel plow

1985 Chevrolet one-ton service truck

1984 IH Dresser 4 yd. loader (used at pit to load materials)

2000 Caterpillar 416C loader/backhoe (used throughout town as needed)

1976 John Deere 570A grader (used as needed)


Plow Routes:

Truck # 1: Mountain Road (Second NH Turnpike from Rte. 10 to Washington line), Long Pond Road (including Loon Loop, Splake Drive, Blue Heron Drive, and Nutmeg Lane), South Road, Guildford Road, Nichols Road, Town Office parking lot, Lempster sections of Sand Pond / North Shore / West Shore Roads

Truck # 2: School Road (including sections of Nichols and Coach Road–), Dero Road, Shrenk Road, Lower Mill Road and Lower Waldron Road, South Pitkin Road, Lower Dodge Hollow Road, Hamlin Road. // Cutler Road and Charlestown Turnpike Extension, Unity Stage Road, Keyes Hollow Road and Wheeler Lane, Olds Road (// division of this route if resources are limited)

Truck # 3: Lovejoy Road, Benway Hill Road, Grandview Road and end of Ballpark Road, Upper Waldron Road, Allen Road, Town Hall, Hurd Road, Fire Station (sanding only), Upper Pitkin Road, Upper Dodge Hollow Road, Charlestown Turnpike (Lovejoy Road to Acworth line), Transfer Station/Recycling Center