The objective of the LHS is to collect, preserve and display books, papers, maps, artifacts, pictures and recordings illustrating history relating to the Town of Lempster, New Hampshire; also to promote or act in the maintenance of historical sites or properties in the town.


The LHS cooperates with the Town of Lempster and any persons or groups that have an interest in the Town history.


The LHS operates as a non profit educational society without any gain of profit ensuing to any officer or member.


Membership is open to any person interested in the preservation of the history of Lempster. Annual dues of $5.00 are due at the beginning of each calendar year.


Become a member now at the low cost of $5/person, or $10/family!





Roger Kieffer, President
Everett Thurber, Vice President
Pat McCabe, Secretary
Janice Baker, Treasurer
Laura Pinkney, Archivist
Linda Murgatroy, Editor Newsletter



Become a member now at the low cost of $5/person, or $10/family!





As posted in the Town of Lempster calendar, LHS meetings are regularly scheduled for the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM. Meetings are held at the Lempster Historical Society Building, on Route 10 and 2nd NH Turnpike. Regular meetings are not held in November and December.


Become a member now at the low cost of $5/person, or $10/family!





Fundraising items for sale!

Crocks; stand 5 and a quarter inches tall; $23.
Mugs; $10 each.
Vases; stand 6 and three quarters inches tall; $25.
Magnets; measure 2 inches by 3 and a half inches; $2.50 each.
Figurines of the Lempster Meeting House and the Lempster Historical Society Building by the CatŐs Meow. Each stands about six inches tall and are $18 each.
Throws; Made of 100% cotton and measure about 46 by 65 inches; $35.
Puzzle: 300-piece; $15.


The items listed above can be purchased anytime at the Lempster Town Offices during scheduled office hours. They will also be offered for sale at the annual Old Home Day and Craft Fair events. Any of the items may also be purchased for shipment by calling Laura Pinkney at (603) 863-8180. Shipping cost along with the item cost must be paid by the purchaser.



Become a member now at the low cost of $5/person, or $10/family!





Mail Address:

Lempster Historical Society

P.O. Box 21

Lempster, New Hampshire 03605



603 863 8180