Library Trustee’s Meeting

March 19, 2014

Meeting opened at 6:05pm.  Present were Jim Beard, Bob Cilley, Janice Baker and Librarian Bonnie Cilley.

Secretary’s report was read and accepted, first by Jim, seconded by Bob. 

Treasurer’s report read:  checking account balance is $4,035.80.  Charitable gifts account balance is $1106.83.

We owe a bill of $1200.96 for fuel to Irving Oil, the cost of fuel went up over $3.00 and we had not prepaid for fuel.

The new bookcases will cost $2500.00. 

Jim made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report, motion seconded by Janice.

Librarian’s report:  Bonnie and Deb Larrimore have gotten together and created a blog, for town activities and events to be announced, as well as Library events and happenings. Bonnie has made up cards to pass around, inviting other organizations or groups to join in use of the blog.  Jim  has asked if it can be linked to the town web site. 

Entertainment and the kick off events are ready for the summer reading program and this has been paid for by the friends of the library.

In 2015 the library will be 50 years old and the town of Lempster will be 250 years old.  Need to start planning some celebratory events.  

Contractors were invited to bid on repair job for the Library, and must be in by March 26 and must be presented to the select board.  On March 8th, Miles and a contractor, named Rick, showed up at the Library to meet with Jim, Bob and Ed Sauer and later Everett Thurber, arrived to join them.  This meeting was to allow any contractors interested in bidding to get the information needed to make that bid.  Only the contractor named Rick showed up.(At this time Bob could not remember Rick’s last name, but will get it off his paperwork).

Rick felt the floor should be done first and it would be finished by May 15th. Rick checked out basement & attic, didn’t seem too concerned about work needing to be done as any problem.  He did feel the best way to enter the basement would be to remove the granite steps and go in from there with the beams. This is the only way to get the large beams under the building.  

  Since we have been discussing the need for repairing the steps for safety purposes, this would be a good time to move them out and after the repair work is done, replace the steps properly. Jim will meet with the building & safety committee next week and bring this to their attention.

As we are applying to become a 501 3c, we are looking for interested people to run and organize a foundation for the library, to apply for grants and help with fund raising ideas. We have, four  possible persons, and will need a trustee to form a 5 person committee.  We will invite these interested persons to our next trustee meeting in May on the 21st at 6:30pm.

We talked about looking into some better lighting, as the fluorescent lights are hard on your eyes and do not light work areas sufficiently at eye level. They, are also, not easily reached when needing changes to bulbs.

Emergency  lighting needs to be finished and the doors to the entryway need to be installed, to satisfy the request of the building & safety committee. 

Meeting adjourned at 6:55pm, motion made by Bob, seconded by Jim.  

Next meeting May 21st at 6:00pm.

Respectfully submitted by:

Janice Baker, trustee secretary.

This is a draft of minutes.