Cold River Local Advisory Committee Meeting

                                                    Alstead Town Office 

                                                      August 18, 2016

Members Present: Fred Ernst, Cathy MacDonald, Sue Lichty, Mitch Harrison,

Members absent: Kim Lewis, Gary Speed, Debby Hinman

Guests: Shawn Stevens, Betsy Stacey

Minutes: Minutes of July 28th 2016 approved on motion from Cathy, seconded by Mitch.

Treasurer’s Report: N/A

Membership: Shawn Brodeur-Stevens and Betsy Stacey, both from Alstead, plan to join in the near future.

Website Discussion: Betsy will get in touch with Karen Winterholer to inquire about transferring administration of the website.

Water Testing: Mitch has testing equipment. He, Sue, and Shawn expect to organize testing of key sites this weekend.

Status of Intern: Application for Antioch Intern to do water testing, analysis, and reporting to our Committee, initially prepared by Kim, was modified and approved in the following way: Under DUTIES, add “training with DES”. Second line should read “other possible trouble sites on the Cold River watershed.” SUPERVISOR should just read “Sue Lichty heartinnh….”. REMUNERATION should read “$300 stipend per year”. 

Status of Warren Brook: Fred summarized the history and status of the restoration of Warren Brook. Indications are that work is on schedule and to be completed by mid September. Planting of Live Stakes by school students in the classes of Mitch, Kim, and Shawn are planned for November 2 from 10am till 2pm. A second planting is planned for November 5 at 9am for TU members and other local residents. ( because of potential conflict this schedule may be moved a week). Fred will notify the nursery of our plans and Shawn will follow up to get planting details. Fred will also notify the Alstead CC of our plans. 

Mitch proposed and Cathy seconded CRLAC making available $200 for transportation cost of school students to plant. Approved unanimously. 

A press release at the time of the student planting was discussed.  CRLAC needs publicity as well.

Other: Sue passed on to Fred historic documents on CRLAC

Next Meeting September 22

Adjournment 8;25pm