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Town of Lempster, New Hampshire

updated 2/13/16

what ... who ... office phone ...
Board of Selectmen

Everett Thurber

(603) 863-2125 (h)
Mary Grenier (603) 863-5681 (h)
Ed Sauer, Chair  
Administrative Assistant Ingrid Locher
(603) 863-2698 (o)
Auditor James Grenier
Building Inspector Robert Porter (603) 863-9711
Cemetery Trustees Cheryl McGinnis
  Carol Stamatakis
  Glenn Wirkkala
Conservation Commission Jim Beard - acting Chair
Sue Lichty
Emily Fairweather
George Peterson
Andria Elliott
Emergency Management Dir. James Richards (603) 863-3670
Fire Department Fire Station (603) 863-6375
  Jon Thomas, Chief  
  Barbara Chadwick, Rescue Captain  
  Brandon Langlois, Asst.Fire Chief  
  David Richards, Fire Captain  
  Tom Moore Jr., Fire Lieutenant  
  Adam Kobeski, Fire Lieutenant  
  James Richards  
  Chris Allen  
  Ronald Clark  
  David Loring  
  Loretta Loring  
  Nicholas Lund  
  Mark Magoon  
  Scott Mahieu  
  Alvin McNeill  
  Phil Tirrell, Sr.  
  Aaron Watson  
  Karl Rolf  
  Ted Tillson  
Rescue Squad Barbara Chadwick, Rescue Captain (603) 863-4694
Forest Fire Warden James Richards (603) 863-3670
Highway Department Highway Dept. Shop (603) 863-6779
  Road Agent (Selectboard) (603) 863-2698 (o)
  Daryl Simino, Supervisor
  Peter Blythe
  Scott Goodspeed
  Ernest Perry
Town Moderator Michael Shklar, Esq.
Planning Board R, Mark Adams, Chair
  William Rodeschin
  Kirt Wirkkala
  David Richards
  Everett Thurber, Ex officio
Sheriff's Department at Lempster Town Offices (603) 863-7908
  Capt. John Simonds  
  Michael J. Batista  
  Justin R. Merrill  
  Glen St. Amant  
Supervisor of Checklist Robert Cilley  
  Madeline Ferland  
  Della Jeffries  
Town Clerk/Tax Collector Gayle Newton
(603) 863-3213 (o)
  Barbara Richards, Deputy  
Town Counsel Michael Shklar, Esq.
Treasurer Kim Jordan
Trustees of Library James Beard, Chair  
  Ingrid Locher  
Robert Cilley
Janice Baker
Deborah Larrimore
Trustee of Trust Funds Barbara Richards
  Barbara Parker
  Carol Stamatakis
Welfare Officer

Community Alliance

(603) 863-9529
other contacts ...  
Health Officer Robert Porter (603) 863-9711
Transfer Station Transfer St./Recycling
Jim Jennison and Vanessa Keith, Attendants
(603) 863-7062
Lake Sunapee VNA and Hospice (Visiting Nurses Assoc.) (603) 526-4077
Library Librarian - Bonnie Cilley
(603) 863-0051
County Sheriff   (603) 863-4200
Goshen-Lempster School Board    
community organizations...
Historical Society officers Roger Kieffer, President  
  Everett Thurber, Vice Pres.  
  Linda Murgatroy, Newsletter Editor  
  Pat McCabe, Secretary  
  Laura Pinkney, Archivist  
  Janice Baker, Treasurer  
Friends of the Lempster Meeting House (FLMH)    

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