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History of Lempster's Meetinghouse
page updated 9/16/13

"An embodiment of much of the town’s history for two centuries"
- James L. Garvin, Architectural Historian

NH State Architectural Historian James L. Garvin describes the Lempster Meetinghouse in his 1994 Report on the Lempster Town Hall as one of only an estimated 5% of Eighteenth Century New Hampshire Meetinghouses still surviving, and one of only 13 that still retains much or all of its original appearance.

Milestones in the LIFE of Lempster's Meetinghouse

• 1794, original construction on hill, near Charlestown Turnpike

• 1799, elsewhere, President George Washington passes

• 1819, end of use as Congregational Church

• 1822, moved to present location and bell tower added

• 1826, elsewhere, President Thomas Jefferson passes

• 1835, remodeled, removing traditional balconies and conversion to two-story interior

• 1835, second floor used for Academy

• 1854, Lempster Dramatic Union begins use of building for dramatic presentations

• 1865, elsewhere, President Abraham Lincoln passes

• 1869, elsewhere, President Franklin Pierce passes

• 1870's, Our Meetinghouse: 1870Hall

• 1893, Lempster Public Library is started, and uses room on second floor

• 1894, 100 years in service

• 1897, Silver Mountain Grange No. 96 remodels much of the second floor for its use, and contributes significantly to the building’s stewardship for the next 100 years

• 1910, Our Meetinghouse: 1910

• 1919, elsewhere, President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt passes

• 1933, elsewhere, President Calvin Coolidge passes

• 1938, Our MeetingHouse: meetinghouse 1938

• 1945, elsewhere, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt passes

• 1967 Lempster's 200th Anniversary

• 1980, entered into National Register of Historic Places

• 1994, after 200 years, structural concerns restrict use of building

• 1997, repairs to tower and second floor framing

• 2006, FLMH and $75,000 LCHIP matching grant initiate Phase One of comprehensive Restoration - Stabilization

• 2009, FLMH Phase One - Stabilization - completed, and Phase Two - Usability - begins

• 2010 Meetinghouse lot re-surveyed

• 2011, Well and septic system designed, permitted and installed

• 2012, FLMH Phase Two milestone - Old Home Day Celebration of first real, plumbed restroom, next to Stage Left

• 2013, FLMH Phase Three kicks off with full restoration of 31 windows including the arched pulpit window in the north wall

• 2017 Lempster's 250th Anniversary

• 2094, celebration of 300 years serving Lempster community

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